Friday, March 16, 2007

Thompson Run Could Change GOP Calculus

Yes, you bet he could. Conservatives are more than ready for Fred.
Back in 2005, a very interesting dynamic occurred whenever one of the many highly-traversed sites on the conservative blogosphere hosted a presidential straw poll of potential Republican presidential contenders for 2008. In almost every case, Sen. George Allen bested nearly every other contender, with Rudy Giuliani usually either statistically tied with the former Virginia senator or a very close second. This led many pundits in the days before Allen’s Senate loss to conclude that Sen. Allen was the major sleeper candidate in the race and possibly even the most likely of the candidates to garner the nomination. Such a view shouldn’t have been surprising; if there was a candidate in the race who matched Ronald Reagan on the issues, it was George Allen, with his belief in economic freedom, his foreign policy hawkishness, and a social conservatism tempered by the Gipper’s leave-me-alone libertarian streak that many Republicans have seemingly abandoned. blog article

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