Monday, September 24, 2007

Fred Thompson: "No!" to the Ahmadinejad visit to the United States

Thompson Blasts Columbia University

Republican candidate Fred Thompson maintains that, if he were running the country, he would deny Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad entry into the United States.

According to UN Headquarters Agreement of 1947, the US "shall not impose any impediments to transit," obligating the US to allow representatives of UN members, or those invited on "official business," to visit the UN. However, the government may bar entry based on national security grounds, but would have to provide specific allegations for banning Ahmadinejad.

"There are exceptions to every rule. This is our home soil," Thompson asserted on Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" talk radio show Monday morning, adding, "I wouldn't mind a little controversy at the United Nations."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

George Will's Target: Fred Thompson

George F. Will is full of "Red Bull" | Fred States

With respect to George F. Will’s column Is a Fred Thompson Campaign Necessary? (9/13/07), it's important to note that Mr. Will is a huge Rudy Giuliani Fan. Rather than say nice things about the former Mayor of New York City, Will chooses to say nasty things about Mayor Giuliani's rivals. And after a look at the latest polls (Rasmussen has Fred over Rudy by 8 points now) it's easy to see why Mr. Will is taking aim at Fred Thompson.

Kentucky: Majority of House GOP Endorse Thompson for President

Majority of House GOP Endorse Thompson for President
Lexington Herald-Leader | Ryan Alessi

Majority of House GOP endorse Thompson for president Twenty of the 37 state House Republicans today will announce they are endorsing former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson in the GOP presidential primary.

"I am proud to lend my support to Senator Thompson in this campaign," said Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover of Jamestown. "Kentuckians can rest assured that this is a man who shares our Kentucky values and will take them to Washington as he leads our nation in these turbulent times."

Fred Thompson: "HillaryCare" punishes people

Robert Novak, George Will and the rest of Washington remain off the Fred Thompson bandwagaon

TIME: Washington's Trouble With Thompson

Fred Thompson was mugged last week. Worse still, the perpetrators were folks he knew, the kind of people he had reason to believe might actually love him. The lawyer-lobbyist-actor-politician from Tennessee, who played Hamlet on the Potomac all summer before finally joining the race for the Republican Party presidential nomination on Sept. 5, had imagined his arrival would be greeted with hallelujahs from both the rank and file in the party and its tastemakers in Washington. After all, with the incumbent second-term GOP president wildly unpopular, and with Republicans across the country ambivalent at best about the field of would-be successors who had been campaigning all year for their affections, Thompson supposed that he would be greeted as a savior once he made his candidacy official.

read::: Time magazine article

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fred Thompson: The presidential web traffic leader

Thompson Leads GOP in Web Traffic

Ad Week

Fred Thompson was the leading Republican contender for the presidency among Web visitors, even before he officially announced his candidacy, according to a new survey by Nielsen//NetRatings.

The survey, released Sept. 6, analyzed visitor traffic to the official Web sites of presidential candidates in July.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fred Thompson: continue with the Cuban embargo

Fred Thompson Vows to Continue Cuban Embargo; Would look into Indicting Castro's Brother
Blogs For Fred Thompson

Campaiging in Florida today, Fred Thompson vowed to continue the embargo on Cuba as President, and even said he would have his Attorney General look into a possible indictment of Castro's brother Raul for the shooting down of two "Brothers to the Rescue" planes in 1996:

Thompson: Don't blame guns for cop killing

While South Florida mourned the death Friday of a police officer gunned down in South Miami-Dade County, Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson appeared at the Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana and said it was a mistake to blame guns and the lack of certain gun controls on the crime committed by the killer.

''I have voted consistently in support of people's Second Amendment rights. I think the problem with crime in this country is criminals,'' Thompson said. ``I think that to disarm law-abiding people and to allow criminals to steal, to get their hands on armaments of all kinds, which would be the case, would be an absolutely wrong thing to do.

read::: The Miami Herald

Fred Thompson: Clinton "trying to capitalize on something"

Thompson: Clinton made issue of remark

Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson blamed Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday for the publicity surrounding his remark suggesting Cuban immigrants are bringing suitcase bombs to the United States.

When asked by Florida's WTVJ about the perception in the Cuban-American community about his comments, Thompson replied, "I think that was a Hillary Clinton news release that she put out or a statement that she made trying to capitalize on something when she knew better."

Fred Thompson: On The Road in Florida

On The Road in Florida
Posted on September 13th, 2007
By Rich Galen in On The Road, Updates

It is Thursday morning and we are back on the road with Fred Thompson.

We are rolling south through central Florida. We had a great event in downtown Jacksonville this morning and will be in The Villages, Florida which is, as I’m certain you know, about midway between Oldawaha and Fruitland Park.

The day had started about two hours before the 9:30 outdoor event in Jacksonville with Fred doing two live radio interviews and a taped TV interview prior to heading over to the plaza.

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Cartoon: Team America for Fred Thompson

Thursday, September 13, 2007

2008 and counting: Leaked poll shows a bump for newest GOP contender | By Sam Youngman

Former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) appears to be enjoying a bump in both national and state polls following his announcement tour, despite some comments that could cost him with conservative voters in the long run.

Following a tour of the early-voting states, the Thompson campaign “leaked” what looked like an internal memo from campaign pollsters McLaughlin and Associates showing the former senator making gains on front-runner and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R).


Fred Thompson widens lead to nine points in latest Rasmussen Tracking Poll

Fred Thompson has widened his lead over Rudy Giuliani to nine points in the latest Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll. Fred leads Rudy 28%-19%, the first time Giuliani has dropped below 20% support all year.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fred Thompson by Four Points in the new Rasmussen National Poll

Fred Thompson has vaulted ahead by four points over Rudy Giuliani in the latest Rasmussen National Poll!


"Smoking Ban" statement by Fred Thompson Demonstrates Keen Grasp of Conditions in Iraq

Several days ago, the New York Daily News attacked Fred Thompson for what they cast as an odd statement by Fred during one of his appearances in Iowa, namely that an Al-Qaeda attempt to ban smoking in Anbar Province in Iraq had contributed to the willingness of locals there to now work with U.S. Forces in the province. The article reported:

Thompson said the smoking ban and terror tactics Al Qaeda used to oppress women and intimidate local leaders pushed tribes in western Anbar Province to support U.S. troops.

But Thompson's tale of a smokers' revolt baffled some in the audience of about 150 who came to decide whether the former Tennessee senator is ready for prime time.

"I don't know what that was about," said Jim Moran, 72, who had driven from nearby McCook Lake, S.D.

This article and others written by the media set off a barrage of postings on liberal blogs that also wrote as if Fred's statement was completely off the mark. But now, they all must "eat crow" if they care at all about facts.

The truth is Fred Thompson displayed in this statement an incredible insight into the reality of the situation on the ground in Iraq. What he said is absolutely true.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Fred Thompson is the new 'must see TV'

Fred Thompson draws more viewers than GOP debate

The Kansas City Star | Keith Chrostowski

Showing ’em up

This week’s GOP debate in New Hampshire drew 3.1 million viewers — the largest debate audience so far of the 2008 race. But Fred Thompson’s announcement the same night on Jay Leno’s show drew 6 million, up 15 percent from Leno’s typical Wednesday audience.

Dive! Dive!

Thompson’s campaign has unveiled a slick new movie titled “The Hunt for Red November.”

Fred Thompson Says He's Got Time To Spread Message

Candidate Says U.S. Must Return To Basics. Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson said Thursday that he's ready to work hard in Iowa to make up for lost time.

Thompson was in Des Moines a day after announcing his White House run.

He said he still has enough time to get out his message.

"The preliminaries are over, the game is beginning as far as I'm concerned and I'm looking forward to it," he said.

He said he skipped the debates in an effort to reach more people.


Fred Thompson: prevent state judges from altering the definition of marriage

Fred Thompson Proposes Marriage Amendment to Restrain Judges

The New York Sun | Ryan Sager

Speaking in Sioux City, Iowa, moments ago, Fred Thompson endorsed an amendment to the Constitution that would prevent state judges from altering the definition of marriage without the direction of their states' legislatures.

In Iowa: Fred Thompson, a common-sense country lawyer

Presidential hopeful Thompson hits campaign trail


DES MOINES - Fred Thompson pitched himself yesterday as a common-sense country lawyer running for president to keep the nation safe and preserve its down-home values, a one-two punch aimed at knocking Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney from atop the polls.

read::: Newsday article

The Fred Thompson Bus is Ready

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe: nervous about Fred Thompson

The money quote from the ABC News article:

"I am certainly not disrespecting them," Thompson said of his '08 rivals while appearing on Jay Leno's show, "but it's a lot more difficult to get on the 'Tonight Show' than it is to get into a presidential debate."

NRO: A look at Fred Thompson on Jay Leno

Bill Buckley's, The National Review, comments on Fred Thompson's appearance on Jay Leno last night and ends up saying essentially nothing. Consider reading if you must.

Reacting to Fred on Jay Leno
The National Review | Jim Geraghty

I held off on assessing the transcript, I wanted to see how Fred Thompson came across to a viewing audience.

Fred Thompson in Iowa [Video]

Fred Thompson speaks to supporters in Des Moines on the first official day of his campaign.

Fred Thompson's economic record

The Club for Growth details Fred Thompson's economic record here.

The Fred Thompson Factbox

Read this Reuters article to get a more complete understanding of Fred Thompson's background.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's a Thursday Kickoff for the Fred Thompson Campaign

Thompson Unveils Ad Ahead of Thursday Kickoff

Fred Thompson's image will begin appearing on the small screen today, not as District Attorney Arthur Branch, but as an official candidate for president.

In a 30-second campaign commercial sent to networks for broadcast at midnight, Thompson warns that "On the next President's watch, our country will make decisions that will affect our lives and our families far into the future. We can't allow ourselves to become a weaker, less prosperous and more divided nation."

Washington Post

Hardball: Fred Thompson Scores "Direct Hit on Romney"

South Dakota: Thompson wins SD Straw Poll - 25%

Thompson wins SD Straw Poll

HURON – Fred Thompson won the first-ever South Dakota Republican Party Presidential Straw Poll at the South Dakota State Fair Aug. 30 through Sept. 3, 2007.

Thompson bested the field of nine garnering 25 percent of the vote. He was followed by Rudy Giuliani who received 19 percent; John McCain received 14 percent, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney each received 13 percent; Ron Paul received 8 percent; Duncan Hunter received 4 percent; Sam Brownback received 3 percent; and Tom Tancredo received 1 percent of the vote.

South Dakota Republican Party

Fred Thompson to appear on Leno tonight

The Los Angeles Daily News

BURBANK - Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson is scheduled to be a guest on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" tomorrow, a day before officially declaring his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. Thompson's appearance -- he last appeared on the show June 12 -- will come on the same day as the eight announced Republican candidates debate in New Hampshire. The Thompson campaign announced last week that he would declare his candidacy Thursday, with a Webcast on his campaign's Web site,, then conduct a five-day campaign tour through Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Super Fred is Superfit!

‘Superfit’ Fred [Thompson] hits campaign trail running
The London Times | Sarah Baxter

HE IS running for president – literally. Every day Fred Thompson rises at dawn and hits the gym to get himself into shape for the White House race, according to a close confidant.

“He’s really prepping himself physically and mentally for the campaign. It’s like Bruce Spring-steen getting ready for the big tour,” the source added.

The fitness drive is part of Thompson’s attempt to inject energy into his 2008 presidential bid, which he will launch formally on Thursday.