Monday, September 3, 2007

Super Fred is Superfit!

‘Superfit’ Fred [Thompson] hits campaign trail running
The London Times | Sarah Baxter

HE IS running for president – literally. Every day Fred Thompson rises at dawn and hits the gym to get himself into shape for the White House race, according to a close confidant.

“He’s really prepping himself physically and mentally for the campaign. It’s like Bruce Spring-steen getting ready for the big tour,” the source added.

The fitness drive is part of Thompson’s attempt to inject energy into his 2008 presidential bid, which he will launch formally on Thursday.

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Don Jones said...

Well that has been kicked around a bit. I am surprised the media has not checked out how much his tennis shoes cost.

When fred prevailed in suing the former TN Governor, Ray Blanton he was asked to play his own part in a movie to be made. He did and the rest is history.

That is how Fred is. Give him a chore and he excells. Now of course he needs to be in the best shape he can, and he will do so.

Don't underestimate MyManFred.
Don Jones