Friday, December 14, 2007

Thompson Rallies Conservative Christians

Thompson Rallies Conservative Christians
ABCNews/PoliticalRadar | Christine Byun

Standing inside the Mississippi State Capitol Rotunda, a cluster of conservative Christian leaders voiced their support for Republican candidate Fred Thompson, praising his “fortitude” of character.

“[Former] Senator Thompson’s pursuit of the presidency is not ego-driven … and [he] does not attempt to re-invent himself or change his language depending on his audience,” Reverend Phillip Knight said, adding, “It appears to me, the only candidate that can act, isn’t.”

Knight and Dr. Benny Tate, founders of the Wesleyan Center for Strategic Studies, promise the endorsements of 100 conservative Methodist pastors in the coming days. They also say they have been calling Iowa-area church leaders, rallying support for the former Tennessee Senator, who has been overshadowed by fellow Southerner-in-the-running, Mike Huckabee.

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