Wednesday, July 4, 2007

9 Quotes About Fred Thompson

California Conservative: “Fred Thompson is a Barry Goldwater movement conservative.”

Bill Kirkland, a university friend who studied law with Thompson: “He was a very conservative Republican even then. He was a huge supporter of Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidential election.”

CATO’s Michael D. Tanner: “During his eight years in the Senate, Thompson had a solid record as a fiscal conservative... Given the fact that McCain, Romney, and Giuliani are clearly big-government conservatives, Thompson has an opportunity to seize the small-government mantle.”

Mike Allen, in the Politico: “In 2000, Thompson got a 92 percent favorable rating from the American Conservative Union and a zero from the liberal Americans for Democratic Action.”

Dave Hinz: “Like President Reagan in 1980, Fred Thompson is the true conservative leader that can take the Party forward in the 21st Century.”

Michael R. Bednarz: “Fred Thompson vs. the current crop of Republican candidates is like the children’s story where the three little bears find one bed too soft, one too hard, (and) unlike the current front runners Fred is ‘Just Right’ to most conservatives on the issues.”

Mason Conservative: “He seems just enough to the right to bring in the right wing, and just enough to the center to bring in centrists, especially as the Democrat Party continues to be bullied and drag left by the MoveOn crowd.”

J.B. Williams: “Reagan commanded respect across the political aisle at home and abroad and remains one of the most loved US Presidents in US history even today. But he was somewhat liberal on social issues. Or, like Thompson, he was at least an anti-federalist who sought to return private assets and personal liberty to the states and the people at every chance.”

Human Events’ John Gizzi: “Thompson’s record in the Senate, with few exceptions, was rather solidly conservative.”

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