Wednesday, July 4, 2007

about (Vice President) Colin Powell

The following was posted as a comment by us on Blogs for Fred Thompson in reaction to a story on Huntington News about Colin Powell as a possible selection for the GOP vice presidential nominee in 2008 with Fred Thompson.

Let's cut to the chase. Conservatives, in general, do not like Colin Powell. They very much respect his service to his country but they do not respect his politics.

When (hopefully) Fred Thompson is chosen as the GOP nominee in 2008 conservatives will have won a major victory.

However, two important realities will then happen.

First, conservatives will have little or no influence over the choice of a vice president nominee.

Next, in truth, conservatives will gladly give in to Colin Powell on the ticket for a victory in November 2008. That would be an easy choice and compromise.

Ronald Reagan added George Bush to the ticket and rode to victory crushing Jimmy Carter.

If Fred Thompson adds Colin Powell to the ticket in 2008 another conservative victory party will take place.


Brandon said...

However when was the last time anything truthful or real was posted on the huffingandpuffingtonpost? Uh, never!

I sincerely doubt Fred will pick Powell. He's much too liberal, now I wouldn't put it past Hillary to pick him to try and pick off weak kneed republican votes...

blogger said...

Hey Brandon, thanks for throwing a bucket of reality on this very early trial balloon from who knows where!