Friday, June 29, 2007

Bruce Willis' favorable comments about Fred Thompson

Bruce Willis commented at his Smithsonian appearance this week that although it is far too early to endorse anyone he did say fellow "DieHard 2" actor Fred Thompson would "make a wonderful candidate."


Devil's Advocate said...

I think Bruce Willis is great. There are not enough conservative people in Hollywood. Good thing he is pushing the right candidate.

If you support Thompson, check out a Pro- Fred Thompson article I wrote titled, “We Need a Lazy Politician.”

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jgawrys said...

I am a big fan of Bruce Willis and appreciate the fact he is unafraid to garnish his political beliefs in public. Fred Thompson is my candidate for president as well. I hope he sweeps the primaries, and moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for a good eight years. We need his honest judgment, and unwavering patriotism.