Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh yes, Fred Thompson is now on the radar

Opposition research (defined): the aspect of an election campaign designed to investigate the life and record of the opposing candidate.

All campaigns and candidates do it.

It is just starting to heat up for Fred Thompson.

So far, what has Fred Thompson experienced as a presidential candidate?

Well first, of course, he is not an official candidate (yet). That comes shortly. Fred has not experienced the (non-debate) debates. The scrutiny of the press. The criticism from his fellow Republicans. Fred has avoided the early 2007 Presidential Season on purpose to launch a grass-roots campaign directly to the people and via the internet.

This intelligent campaign strategy has worked so far as evidenced by the strong poll numbers Fred Thompson has achieved.

The only mud that his detractors have thrown at Fred include: comments about his wife, comments that he is lazy and comments about his lack of overall experience. Pretty mild stuff, to be sure.

Well, that is about to change very quickly with Fred Thompson's upcoming presidential announcement. "That" meaning the mud, the inaccuracies, the character assassination. Fred has said that he is ready for it. We certainly hope so.

What is interesting to us at the Fred Thompson 2008 blog is our guess that his detractors and opponents will not be able to find much "bad stuff" to use against him.

His opponents will then have to invent things. Get ready for the upcoming season of creative opposition research on and about Fred Thompson.

We will be interested readers and bloggers. Enjoy!

Oh, btw, some examples of today's stuff:

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SW Ohioans 4 Fred said...

Agreed! Detractors from both parties have been trying to find his Achilles heal. I doubt they will find anything. That is why we all need to get our forces together now so we have the machine in place before the big lies start to surface.

For those Fred Heads in SW Ohio, I encourage you to come to to sign up to be a local Fred Head and comment on the latest Fred news.