Thursday, January 10, 2008

Endorsement News for Fred on Friday

Fred Thompson to Receive Major Endorsement Tomorrow
Fox | by Carl Cameron

He won’t spill! Sean Hannity tried to pry it out of him to no avail. Taking calls for almost an hour Fred Thompson and Jeri Thompson were on Sean Hannity’s radio show today. While many of the candidates practiced and prepped for tonight’s debate, Thompson took questions from callers and Sean Hannity and played coy regarding a major endorsement he will receive tomorrow.

He said he thinks he has “a fair chance” here in South Carolina. He went on to say “South Carolina is where I stand.” He said he had a strong conservative consistent record which plays well here. “We have to do well here without any question.” He runs fourth in the South Carolina polls at 9%. Saturday, 19th will be the day of reckoning.

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