Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fred Thompson on illegal immigration

Thompson will fight illegals | Marilyn Doremus

Former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson believes in our country and our laws. Thompson believes illegals are illegal, and should be sent home to apply to come into this country legally. Toleration of sanctuary cities must end. Companies hiring illegals should be heavily fined. And the fence between the United States and Mexico should be built immediately. As Thompson says, this is a matter of national security.


Marie's Two Cents said...

Ok FredHeads!

You probably dont know me from Adam but this is an important message if we want Fred to win!

We need to email Mary Matlin (Head of Fred's campaign) or Fred himself and tell them they need to change strategy. All I have been hearing from the nay-sayers is they think Thompson is to sick to be President which obviously he isnt. And it's not true but he does need to hold more press Conferences and be out there in the public and more in the news and etc..

If we really want Fred to win we have to show him more support than ever at this point while he is visiting his mom in Tennessee, a special place for me because my mom was born in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. I hope I spelled that correctly.

And all my mom's friends are voting for Fred.

But, he has to be out in the news more and have facetime wherever he can get it

All us FredHeads HAVE to unite to get Fred's message across. We have to be persistant.

At this point I think anything goes.

But us Thompson's Troops/FredHeads Have to unite for the common cause and good for America!!

Love, Marie

Dustin said...

Believe in the dream!

Today is the day, now is the time.

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and donate AS MUCH as you can.

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